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Godey’s Lady Book


Godey’s Lady’s Book, January 1874



Justice_Howell_Jackson2Justice Howell Jackson of Tennessee. Named to the court by Benjamin Harrison, he served for 2 years before dying of tuberculosis. His most notable vote was to uphold a law providing a federal income tax, but he was in a minority. Eventually the income tax became the 16th Amendment to the Constitution because it was consistently popular but consistently overruled by a conservative Court.


03993rSupreme Court Justice Stephen Johnson Field.

Field was a justice from 1863-97, the second longest tenure of any associate justice. Although named to the court by Lincoln, Field played an important role in turning the focus of the court away from black rights and toward protecting big business. He dissented in Munn v Illinois, allowing states to regulate railroads within their borders. He opposed the graduated income tax, anti-trust laws, and the Interstate Commerce Commission. He also sided with the majority in Plessy v. Ferguson.