Birmingham Jail


Martin Luther King in the Birmingham jail




This portrait of Martin Sostre was created in the early 1970s by his political comrade Jerry Ross. Ross was an anti–Vietnam War activist in Buffalo, New York, and frequented Sostre’s Afro-Asian bookstore before Sostre was framed and imprisoned in 1967. Ross was active in the Martin Sostre Defense Committee and pushed Amnesty International to name Sostre a “prisoner of conscience” in 1973.

The Hate That The Hate That Hate Produced


The journalists Louis E. Lomax (shown here on the left) and Mike Wallace (seated in the middle) prepare the 1959 documentary The Hate That Hate Produced, which introduced the Nation of Islam to a mainstream white audience. The five-part series framed black nationalism as “black supremacy” and reverse racism. One press release heralded Wallace for uncovering a “major anti-white crusade.”